Friday, July 8, 2011

out of school yayayaya

i am so sad school is out well i will just miss my teacher and friends i sis has her kindergarten gardation and i have to go to that and my teacher is one of the nicest people i ever met so then we left and got in the car i started crying all the way to my sis schooland my mom cheered me up by saying we will go see soul surfer and cherry berry so i cleared those tears right up and had a great time!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christmas dec 23-25 2010

So sorry I haven't posted anything in a long I am going to tell u Christmas well on the 22 I went to the christmas train and it was so Fun we played games at the arcaded we got our pic taken with Santa then we went home and my cousins stayed the night with me and we went to my the 23 went to my 2pa's house and we ate played chase then we opened presents I got a hair set and a trampaline I was so excited I could not belive it!!! So then we went to my cousin recital. Then we went home.and on the 23 my mimis house and I got slippers 10$ walet and more then we went home and we had Christmas at my house and I got a pink bb gun robe and more but I kinda saw the robe.before christmas then 25 my grandmas house and I got u draw tablet so that's my Christmas.bye thanks for reading

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

omg so funny

i am so excited my lil sis is playing softball this year my dad's coaching witch i get to help on Sunday they had there first practice and i helped they where so cute there is a girl named gracie she was supper funny every time she picked up the wiffle ball it slipped out of her hand i'm sure they will win close to every game i no they will be funny every game plus practice see you later alligator.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my florida trip

hi again time to go my mom said ok i said but we have to wait on lizzy ok said my mom tictoctictoc where is she i said oh her she comes i wave come on ok here we go ok are we her yet no we are in muskogee ok oh how many hours 13 well then tictoctictoc are we there yet no payton we still have a long time ok hurry up payton we are going as fast as we can ok tictoc tictoc when will we be there in 12 hours ok are we there yet yes finally yayayayayayayayayayaya the end. non ficion

Monday, January 25, 2010

about me

hi my name is payton i am 8 years i have 1 sisster and her name is sophie and i 1 mom and 1 dad and my moms name is julie and my dads name is rick well got to go bye