Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christmas dec 23-25 2010

So sorry I haven't posted anything in a long I am going to tell u Christmas well on the 22 I went to the christmas train and it was so Fun we played games at the arcaded we got our pic taken with Santa then we went home and my cousins stayed the night with me and we went to my the 23 went to my 2pa's house and we ate played chase then we opened presents I got a hair set and a trampaline I was so excited I could not belive it!!! So then we went to my cousin recital. Then we went home.and on the 23 my mimis house and I got slippers 10$ walet and more then we went home and we had Christmas at my house and I got a pink bb gun robe and more but I kinda saw the robe.before christmas then 25 my grandmas house and I got u draw tablet so that's my Christmas.bye thanks for reading