Monday, January 25, 2010

about me

hi my name is payton i am 8 years i have 1 sisster and her name is sophie and i 1 mom and 1 dad and my moms name is julie and my dads name is rick well got to go bye


  1. Hey Payton,
    I just saw Brooklyn's note here on my desk about your blog so I thought I would pull it up. I love the pink background! Very cute!
    I'm glad you started a blog! Brooklyn will enjoy having a friend who does this as well! (and finally, someone who will read HER blog!)
    I'm glad you girls are friends! :o)
    Tell your mom "hi" for me!!
    Brooklyn's mom- Jen

  2. thanks you i am happy that me and brooklyn are friends thanks soo much. my mom said hi too. love payton

  3. Hi Payton: It's really exciting and scary that my first grandchild knows more about social networking than I do. I'm glad you are starting this blog and that you have a good friend (Brooklyn) to share it with. I am anxious to meet Brooklyn sometime soon. Tell your little sis hello for me. Love you both.